I’m trying an experiment with the accessibility function of Windows XP.
Start->Programs->Accessories->Accessibiliy->Magnifier. It magnifies text
for you. I have my glasses off and can’t read what I’m typing except for
the special magnified window at the top of the screen. A neat idea… but
I wouldn’t keep it like this for very long.
We went to River
of Lights
last night with gramma Peny. That’s a lotta lights. One interesting
thing was how a good rotating disco ball in a room with even lighting on
it can make you a bit dizzy.
Got blood drawn this morning
for 2nd part of physical. Getting your blood drawn is creepy. I did the
same method I do at the dentist where I don’t look down so that I avoid
seeing any instruments. Methinks I shall swoon, foppish that I am!

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