A fun thing to do is run the Winamp AVS visualizer in a transparent window in a corner of the screen.
Even this 3 GHz machine couldn’t handle it at full speed. (Hey, displaying see-through video prolly ain’t easy.)

I wondered why, when I capture miniDV video in 720×480, it appears “fat”. Apparently,
the camera has rectangular non-square pixels. (Same with TVs.) crazy.
I can probably fix it for computer viewing by smushing it down to 640×480.

The computer I was working on for someone seems to be too far gone. I priced out a mostly
new computer for them and one frustrating point comes from buying Microsoft Office. (She
said she has already bought it before…who knows how many times.) Microsoft has that
nasty trick licensing for Office where it comes on the hard drive only, I think. You
reinstall Windows, you lose it. Wonder if I can convert them to
Open Office. Of course, compatibility problems would
come up when the kids try to take the files to school. I think colleges should all switch
to Open Office. Here‘s a
recent comment about the benefits of Open Office.

My grammy is apparently quite strong. My brother was moving to Los Lunas this weekend
and she helped him heave a couch onto a truck. “Need help?”, grampa asked. “Nope.”

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