Me cousin Josh points out his project
at school. Oh, how I hated that circuits class…and this looks much more complicated than anything
I did in there. What does it do? It adds and subtracts numbers. Kinda anti-climactic eh?

Whenever I hear someone say the word “cleanse” or “toxins” in reference to medical stuff,
my ears just shut down. (Actually, the ears stay open and I just kinda growl inside.)
I can’t believe some of the stuff medical insurance is beginning to pay for. Part of the
money we pay to insurance goes to someone having their Qi realigned through acupuncture.

If you like retro games, you’d love this store
in Japan. I picture the owner swimming in a vault of rare old cartridges.

Do you edit HTML by hand and need a free text editor that can upload/download with FTP?
Try Crimson Editor.

I called Linksys about our router problems last night and they said to try a longer cable.
Huh? Anyway, it actually worked. Can someone explain that to me? I noticed that the
old cable was rated for a gigabit, which our router is not. Wonder if that matters.

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