We were at some friends’ house last night. They have a baby. Neither
Vanessa nor I had ever changed a diaper before so we figured we ought to
give it a trial run. How bad could it be? Vanessa did most of the actual
changing while I assisted. LET ME TELL YOU IT CAN BE VERY BAD!
Who knew that such an innocent-looking being would be capable of such evil!
Vanessa commented that I was giggling the whole time saying,
“oh, this is bad. this is bad.”
A photo of the wee knave.

Earlier yesterday, my bro-in-law was showing me how to play Risk. It looks
like a pretty good game. Alas, we didn’t have time to get past phase 1
of the training. The day before, we were playing a “tougher” computer in Rise
of Nations and it schooled us.

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