Ya know, I wouldn’t take any university seriously unless they have
a Tolkien Honors program.

I was watching an episode of Dr. Who, The Pirate Planet (written by Douglas Adams).
The two villains had this exchange:
Captain says on the intercom: “All guards, on alert…someone is using a counterjamming frequency projector.
Find it and destroy it immediately.”
Mr. Fibuli: “Captain, do you suppose any of the guards know what a counterjamming
frequency projector looks like?”
Captain rethinks for a moment and says to guards on intercom: “Destroy everything!”
I made a little video of it.

Vince pointed me to this page about displaying
computer games over what you’re seeing in real life
. It was the sort of thing I mentioned previously
here, but these guys apparently thought of it four years ago. Glad
to see someone is working on it. Alas, the outfit you have to wear
doesn’t exactly
very cool.

Was sick as a dog yesterday and the night before. Since it happened to
Vanessa and I at the same time, we wonder if it was food poisoning.
I spent the day watching Two Towers extra material DVDs. There was
an interesting part about a guy on the production team running down
the street with Two Towers movie images on an iPod being chased by two thugs in London.
Also watched a lot of VH1 Classic.
(Their motto is “Absolutely none of today’s hottest hits.”)
Also caught the episode of Knight Rider with Michael Knight’s
evil twin brother, Garth, in his evil semi, Goliath.

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