I was talking to a coworker about “the curse of the stuff”. This is the problem where,
if you have any flat surface in your home above the floor (even something like a TV tray),
it will soon get covered with papers and miscellaneous junk. Even CDs and DVDs begin
to take up too much space. My solution is to get everything
to hard drive if possible. Then, it will take up the least amount of space.
This means admitting that a lot of sentimental stuff is just taking up space. The walls of houses
should just be big bunches of drawers, I tell ya.

If we’d just waited a bit longer, we could have gotten the
Ultraman Exilim!

Why were rosy cheeks considered such a good thing
20s and 30s advertising? Looks like frostbite.
My theory is that in the art methods and black and white pictures of the time,
pictures of white people were not visually very interesting because of the monotone color.
So, they would try to add more color any way they could.

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