Obtained new Zelda game for GBA last night. Nice to hear that old tune
in the palm of my hand. I’m trying to finish Golden Sun before I really
start playing it, though. Just figured I should have it in case any cousins
visit with their GBAs and want to play the 4-player version.
Allow me to take a moment
to chastise my cousin Josh if he doesn’t come out here for the upcoming
vacation. For shame, Josh! For shame!
Addendum: He has acquiesced
to my demand! Well, maybe he was going to visit anyway, but it’s all the
Wow, so many Nathans. At
my company, I found a Nathan Wallwork. People were already confusing me
with another fellow, Nathan Walters…similar to my name, Nathan Alter.
Then in our congregation, we have Nathan Cogburn, Nathan Croft, Nathan
Nowlin, Nathan “Clint” Yarbrough and myself. Reminds me of Buckaroo Banzai…a
movie in which all aliens were named John something…John Ya Ya, John
Worfin, John O’Connor, John Parker, etc.

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