I was thinking about the pharmaceutical commercials that come up with a disorder that you’d never have thought of as a disorder and try to talk you into a prescription. “Do you ever blink? You may have chronic nictitation syndrome. Ask your doctor about blinkordinol. ‘Before, I was blinking hundreds of times a day, wasting my time and everyone else’s. Now, I never blink at all. Life is so much brighter!'”

I loves me some gelatinous mutant coconut.

My cousin from California is going to visit our aunt’s family in Alaska. He probably figures, if he’s going to go to Alaska, why not go in the middle of winter and get the full experience? Sunlight is overrated anyway, I guess. There are only about 5 hours a day of sunlight in Anchorage right now. Our uncle was telling us a while back about a fellow who stepped off the plane there on a particularly cold day, inhaled, and injured his lungs because of the extremely cold air.

I helped grampa install Skype 2.0 beta, which includes video chat. He got a webcam with a built-in mic. At fullscreen, it was a pretty conversational way of talking to someone. As far as tech support over a phone, I learned that you should try to reproduce what the person on the other end is doing, no matter what you have to do. (Even if you have to use Internet Explorer.) It will save you time in the end. No use having them describe shapes and doohickeys they are seeing. Anyway, I am natiox on there if anyone wants to try a video chat with me.

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