Bill Frist
looks like Rich Little.
It seems to me went bowling
recently with Vanessa’s bro and his wife
and friends. Vanessa layeth the smack down. I was disappointed that you
can hit the pins dead-on and still not knock down all of them. It was galactic
bowling or whatever where they turn on black lights and fog machines and
have the music too loud. We ate lots of nachos and probably got some nacho
cheese in the bowling ball holes. I think Vanessa should do a bacteria
culture on bowling ball holes.
Happy New Year! What’d we
do? Went to mum-in-law’s. Watched our Life Is Beautiful DVD with Vanessa’s
family. It really seems to be missing something when you switch to English
dubbed. Roberto’s voice in Italian just adds a lot to it. Played Scrabble
and Tri-Bond, ate own weight in walnuts and counted down with big ball
on TV. (Being a Brit-nerd, I’d already listened to Brit count-down on BBC
Radio 1 via internet…they just played techno.) New Year’s day, got up
vera late, played Kingdom Hearts, ate Taco Bell and went to evening worship
service. Poor Vanessa had to work. I’ve got the lesson for Sunday morning
so I’ve got to get busy on that.
Allow me to take a moment
to announce Most Annoying Commercial of 2002: that Progresso soup commercial
where they say “that condensed soup was fine when we were kids” . . . one
of those commercials where you feel like smacking the TV. I don’t think
I’ll ever consume Progresso soup, such is the greatness with which they
have annoyed me. Other than that, 2002 was a very good year for us, being
our first year of marriage. I’m very happy to have Vanessa in my life and
look forward to many more years with her. I just love that girl. God has
been good to us.
I was eating my Froot Loops
this morning. (I almost forgot to misspell it.) I was surprised to read
the nutritional
for it. It seems to actually have a bit of nutritional
value. They must just toss some vitamins into the mix, ’cause I think the
base ingredients are corn and sugar.

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