We accidentally left our garage open for a few minutes this morning. 
In that short amount of time, someone had tried to take our stereo from
our car, only prying off the face plate around the stereo.  They took
my road bike and a couple of tennis rackets.  Vanessa thinks she might
have interrupted them before they finished their work by closing the garage
door.  We called the cops and the guy came over…but by that time
we’d already gotten our fingerprints all over everything in there and there
was no point in doing finger printing.  (It took us a while to realize
that stuff had been stolen.)  We didn’t do a police report. 
You often have to pay a 500 deductible on homeowner’s insurance before
you can get any insurance money on things so it’s not worth it for lower
value items.  As the cop left, he spotted my bike in a driveway a
few doors down where the kids had probably  dumped it when they couldn’t
use the special clip-on pedals.  Hurrah!  Glad to get the main
item back.  Obviously, we’ll be more cautious about the garage being
open from now on.  We went out and wrote down the serial number from
our bikes.  (It’s usually underneath the crank.)  The officer
said that when you sell something to a pawn shop, the seller gives their
contact information and the pawn shop checks the serial # with the police
to make sure it isn’t stolen.  Anyway, the whole thing reminded me
of these
verses in the bible.

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