As time goes on, various corporate management has to create new terms for unpleasant things as people catch on to the old terms. For example, getting “fired” to “laid off” to “terminated” to “outsourced”. In the U.K. it was “getting sacked” to “being made redundant”. Perhaps manage-speak offers a method of exclusivity. You only know today’s secret management words if you have to attend meetings all day where they are used. The main rules of grammer in manage-speak are that you get points for tacking unrelated words together and even more points for using a noun as a verb.

UPDATE: Apparently, the 2006 term for “fired” is “left to pursue other opportunities”.

As the bus drove along Central this morning, we passed this building, which is now charred ruins.

On the Evening Sequence radio show, Don Letts has been the stand-in anouncer for a few days. He sounds exactly like Terence Stamps (General Zod). Just wanted to be the first on the web to say this.

This is a good idea. One Linux computer with a dual-head videocard and USB slots for keyboards and mice could support two users at once as though they were on different computers. Someone needs to make such a program for Windows.

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