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Steamboy last night. Pretty good. It was the first time I watched anime with the dubbed version. Since the story takes place in Britain, I may as well hear Patrick Stewart’s British accent rather than Japanese. Also, it’s hard to eat while watching subtitled stuff. Also watched Star Wars 3 extras DVD. Learned that George Lucas doesn’t know what he wants until he sees his employees’ first attempts. Scope creep city, just like any customer. On a side note, we wondered if Netflix intentionally delayed 3 DVDs to be delivered just before the Christmas vacation.

We went to me parents’ house in Rio Rancho yesterday. Played Alhambra and Triopoly. Triopoly is a derivative of Monopoly with up to three boards (piled on top of eachother). Pretty much like Monopoly but more complicated. I also helped my brother set up a model rocket. I was wondering if the kit aims to teach you about rockets by making you wade through different instructions for each part of the kit. I was oblivious to the educational aims of the instructions and slapped it together as quickly as I could so we could fire it off before dark. The parachute opened halfway but at least it didn’t plummet to the earth. Ate own weight in pie.

We went to some friends’ house the other evening for a Filipino gathering. (Don’t eat the dinuguan!) I was going to connect to his wireless but he had some kinda super kryptonite WPA encryption with some insanely long code that woulda taken me 10 minutes to enter via a joystick on the PSP. He also remembered he had it limited to his MAC id so we didn’t bother. This reminded me that I probably ought to use WPA on my router. (Note to self.)

We had difficulty on the 25th finding a place for lunch that was open on Christmas. We saw some cars in the Oasis restaurant parking lot and went there. It seems to be a high-priced Greek restaurant. I tried some dessert and coffee that were both bitter with liquor. The food was ok but not worth the high price. Go to Koury’s deli instead.

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