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It seems that if you were in the market for an mp3 player right now, the iAudio X5 might be a good choice. A nice small Korean player without all the DRM silliness of an iPod. About 285 for the 30 gig model. Korea seems to be the new Japan at the moment as far as electronics go. The company that makes the player is Cowon…not a name I’d pick for a company.

Here’s an interesting article about the recent DARPA robotic vehicle race and how the winning vehicle did it. I think I’d let a computer drive for me as soon as they are available and affordable. Now that someone has gotten a vehicle to navigate around rocks and static obstacles in the desert, it’s time for the much more difficult task of navigating around insane drivers on the road at high speed. Here’s a bit of code to help out.

if (othercar->wheels->rims == SHINY) && (othercar->sound->bass == LOUD)

Now where’s my Taureg, Volkswagen?

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