Back to work today. My uncle is really into board games
and last night introduced us to a game called Finster Flure.
A monster chases your 3 pieces through corridors with various
obstacles. The one to get the most pieces out wins.
The monster has a particular algorithm for his
movement and escaping him requires some strategy.
My uncle said that families in Germany own about
30 boardgames on average! I guess a great number of good
board games come from Germany. This particular game
was by Friedemann Friese. Apparently, there are
famous boardgame designers whose names might sell games.
We also played a bit of Mario Kart Double Dash on the Gamecube
as well as some 4-player GBA games.

On Christmas evening we went to a friend’s house where there
was a big Filipino gathering. We tried to follow the karaoke
in Tagalog, which is pretty difficult at higher speeds.

Recently, we stopped by Babies R Us (my first time.) Well, it’s Best
Buy for babies, I guess. I amused myself with some baby
electronics. Vanessa introduced me to the technical terms
for baby items, such as “onesies”.

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