I was just thinking about Kingdom Hearts. At the beginning of the videogame,
it asks you a few personal questions (I assume to help tailor your character)
For example, it asks what you’re afraid of and you get 3 choices…something
like being alone, getting old, or being indecisive or somesuch. I suppose
that with the new PS2 internet device, they could upload such personal
things to your Sony marketing profile. “Hmm, this Nathan Alter is married,
has a dog and a cat and is afraid of being indecisive. Let’s sell him an
Aibo that tells him to buy Sony products.”
Hrm, last day of the year, eh? Last night Vanessa and I
ate at new Taeja Korean restaurant on San Pedro and Lomas. I 8 C2. After
dinner, we went to the dollar store nearby. We got limited edition white
and dark
chocolate Kit Kats. I’d like to take a camera into a dollar store some
time to get pictures of all the unlicensed stuff and knock-offs. But I
could just picture the store owner running up to put their hand in front
of the camera like one of those daffy evening news shows. We saw Evermax
batteries, a Star Wars coloring book with a badly drawn likeness of Obi
Wan on the cover and lots of candy/snack items where the sell by dates
were in code or missing. Who knows how long they’ve been there? Anyway,
we got some cookie sandwich things that expire next month. Mmmm.

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