I was watching an old Go-Gos video (courtesy of Vince) and noticed
the guitarist looked like Joan of Arc in Bill and Ted’s Excellent
Adventure. It was.
Also in Star Trek IV in I-know-not-what role.

Looks like White Sands Missile Range here in New Mexico is one of the
two finalists
as the location for the X-Prize Cup. The X-Prize is a $10 mil prize
for the first civilian spacecraft into space. That’d be interesting
to see Johnny Spacely in his vacuum-packed barrel in a giant slingshot.
just kidding. One of the crews most likely to win is using a rocket plane
that is carried up very high by another plane and then dropped in the air
to gain altitude on its own. Very cheap compared to loading huge NASA
rockets with tons of fuel. Rocketry afficionado coworker Ken says
the $10 mil prize is nothing compared to the contracts the winning
crew will be offered by people and companies wanting to get into space.

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