We went to the mall last night. From what they said at the Comcast stand,
cable modem won’t be available in my area until January some time. 🙁

I went to the new Barnes and Noble. In their CD section, they did what I think should have been done
long ago…you pick up a CD, walk up to the headset, scan it, and it plays it for you. I assume
they recorded them as mp3s or something. Very cool idea. But I really shouldn’t
spend anymore on CDs anyway. 🙂

We got Jak and Daxter for PS2. It apparently makes non-playing viewers sick
to watch it. Vanessa didn’t feel too well after watching me play for a while. The camera
goes all over the place and the main character stays in the middle of the screen.
That seems to be a formula for motion sickness in some people.

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