I’m intrigued by the Sony Eye Toy.
Hook up a camera to the PS2 and play games where you have to move your arms around to
music or thwack away little 3D creatures. It looks like one of the games is like
Samba De Amigo, except without the maracas.

It was a weekend of Filipino eating. Some dealie they have every year
where people from my mum-in-law’s home town in the Phillipines have
a little gathering. Included the roasted pig. Vanessa’s cousin’s daughter
(who doesn’t like meat much) was there. I think she lived on various forms
of bread most of the time she was at the mum-in-law’s.
My mum-in-law’s new karaoke mic
can take an SD memory card with
songs in it and can record at least one song. The instructions were
quite sparse so I don’t really know what can be done with the SD memory card.
I think they want you to buy new 500 song cards for $80 a piece.
We took Vanessa’s cousin to Putt-Putt where we spent the last of our
store of tokens on skee ball and DDR. We took some relatives to the aquarium too
and dropped them off at the airport after that.

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