I would just like to commend redoctane
for their willingness to replace the DDR pad we bought from them that
went out a week after the 30 day guarantee. They could have been stubborn
about it and refused to allow a return but they didn’t. The other pad
is still working well and we’re almost up to 5-star songs in Disney Remix. However,
we’re on a hiatus from the game as we’ve both got THE CONSUMPTION!!! cough cough
So anyway, I recommend redoctane to the guy who reads this.

I always pictured
the audience of this page as this one random guy in Indonesia who is studying
American pop culture and is getting this really weird view of us.

Denzil just told me of a Karaoke machine that scores
you from 0-100. A DDR of karaoke. I’m not well versed in karaoke so this could be
a common feature that I know nothing about. Anyway, I figure this machine must
use an algorithm similar to the one I seek for vocal musical input for a sequencer of some

Note to self: put one of these in the car.

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