Who is that woman with the turquoise eye-shadow and gray hair who’s always talking on Albuquerque Comcast cable channel 16 (New Mexico state legislature)? She’s like New Mexico government’s only full-time lobbyist. I usually get too bored watching her and never find out what she’s talking about. You can watch streaming video from their website. They even have tips on how to look good on TV. That woman reminds me of this guy who used to have his own satellite channel and would sit there and drone on and on with his cigar. Sometimes he’d wear two hats or two pairs of glasses. Amusing how many people have probably seen these people on TV but don’t know who they are.

Vanessa was quite impressive playing DDRMAX yesterday. We were training on Ordinary World in Heavy mode (7-foot) and we were able to go from way slow speed to normal speed and she got an A. (I failed with an E.)

Dug pointed out that Apple has reduced its 23-inch flat screen monitor to 2000. Wow, it’s almost getting down to where I could trade in my car for it. That’d be kinda funny running a 2000 monitor on a 300 computer. I think the monitor would just kinda laugh and say, “I’m not working with that trash!” Bourgeois monitors always oppressin’ the proletariat!

Tilt your head from side to side as you look at your eyeball in the mirror. Watch the eyeball rotate around the pupil. Tilt your head too far and the eye stops rotating. Believe it…or not.

Well, the verdict is in on my HB-M925 motherboard PC. It behaves like a 400 MHz machine, though it’s a 1.8 GHz Celeron. It lags when I have music sequencer in background and
move windows in foreground. Lags in Jedi Outcast. If it’s like previous computer problems I’ve had, it will just be a mysterious problem that I never find the solution for. Grrrr. Computers hate me.

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