We went to Charley’s Records on Menaul last week. I found At Home With
The Groovebox, which is hard to find since Grand Royal label went out of
business. The concept of the CD was that they handed a Groovebox synth/drum
machine to several bands to see what they’d do. I then started sifting
through the used CDs, which were 99% useless. But in used CD bins, you’re
looking for that 1 CD in a hundred that was just obscure enough to be skipped
over by everyone else, but is a good cheap find for you. It’s usually too
much of a search to be worth it. Anyway, we got so hungry at that point
that we had to leave and go to Twisters for Indian tacos (yum) before I
got one third through the used CDs.
I finally finished Golden
Sun on GBA last night. The end was just a big sequel setup. The game had
a big case of RPG name bloat. At the end, it was talking about someone
named Jenna. Who’s Jenna? I dunno. Jenna left the story when I was playing
several months ago. This is why Kingdom Hearts actually has a journal to
remind you of what was happening last time you played. Well, on to Zelda
on GBA.
The wind was quite intense
last night. The screen on our bedroom window rattled loudly all night so
we didn’t sleep well. Next time it happens, I think we’ll go sleep in the
spare room. It’ll be like Dr. Who’s alternate TARDIS control room! (nerdy
snorting laughing)

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