Ah, a new
Gameboy advance model
is coming out in March. Yeah, it’s the same old
gameboy advance, just in a different shape. It folds in half and comes
with a light and a rechargeable battery. Not bad.
Why did they make the equality
test operator (==) in C so similar to the assignment operator (=)? Do you
know how many man hours of debugging this has cost in the history of programming?
Well, I guess you can’t think of everything when you’re designing a language.
I think they just should have merged them into one operator. I mean, who
assigns in the conditional of an “if” statement unless they’re trying to
show off? I was talking to my grandma and this has always been a pet peeve
of hers as well. (just kidding)
I guess I’ve moved from hairspray
to the harder stuff. It was just mousse at first, but recently Vanessa
bought some “motivator” which is an odd gel-like stuff. And most recently,
she’s moved on to some kind of coconut-smelling “styling goo” which is
frightening to behold. Let’s just say my hair isn’t questioning me anymore.
Also, it now addresses me as “sir”.

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