Now that’s pretty odd. A website
dedicated to showing girls that beef is “way cool”. Their current
survey question is “What type of beef do you most like to eat with your
friends?” Mmmm, healthy triple Wendy’s cheeseburger. Maybe
they’re trying to combat things like Burger King’s veggie burger
Trying audioscrobbler. It tracks
what you listen to in Winamp and submits it to their website so that you
can find new musical suggestions based on what you listen to. Probably
a bad idea, since it submits information about me and will probably try
to spam me at some point. Oh well…using my throw-away email address
anyway. Here
are my audioscrobbler statistics.
We tried to go to
the Albuquerque rocket society launch Saturday but it was cancelled due
to chance of snow/terrorist threat. We went out to an isolated dirt
field in Rio Rancho for nothing. We saw eight hot-air balloons up
though. Apparently, it’s pretty common for hot-air balloons to be out
in the mornings in Albuquerque. I often see them in the distance on my
way to work.

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