Vanessa was just telling me about a rebate we got from Sakar International Inc.
that was sent to us at Dear Ladge Plase. We live on Deer Lodge Place.
They really try to mess up the address so the check doesn’t get to you.
Nasty trick. Maybe the rebates are outsourced through several layers and each
company gets a bonus when the customer fails to get the rebate. Just a theory.

might be a cheap way to print your own T-shirt. Walmart does them for $13.
I must try it when there is a bit of spare funding.

I finally went back to my piano lessons
a bit last night. (It had been so long I almost had to re-learn the notes.)
Continued on training on
(heavy) in DDR. It should
be pretty impressive in several months once I’ve learned that song. I was
doing brief sections of the song and then I’d have to rest a minute.
15 seconds, rest a minute, 15 seconds, rest a minute. Quite a slow process.

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