Went snowboarding at Sandia with Clint Saturday.
He got a new snowboard that has jets on it as far as I can tell.
It was a bit thicker in the middle than on the ends. Anyway, we were timing things and it took me a little under
4 minutes for me to get down the mountain. It took 15 minutes for the chairlifts to get up the mountain.
(Slowest of anywhere that I know
of.) Anyway, I’d get about halfway down and Clint would be so far ahead I couldn’t see him. I theorize that
he was going fast enough that the heat he generated was cutting swaths directly through the mountain. Oh yeah, they
were claiming like 36 inches of snow. We were seeing exposed dirt. There’s a big gash in my snowboard from a rock.
We were guessing they must have piled up all the snow on one hill to get 36 inches. Vanessa was
supposed to go too but we almost got to the tram parking lot and I screamed like a little girl
becase we had forgotten the snowboards
and had to go back home and get them. Then we went back to the tram and I was putting on my
snowpants and we realized we had forgotten her snowpants. (It was my duty to collect all of this stuff.) So at
that point she gave up and went shopping. Well, we’re hoping to go next Saturday. Hopefully I’ll at least
remember to breathe.

Vanessa and I went to a Filipino Valentine’s ball (Salaman Fawafathang or something 🙂 They had a live band that played 70’s
and 80’s songs. I wanted to request Do You Really Want To Hurt Me but I couldn’t get up the nerve. I just
wanted to see the lead singer sing, “Give me tiiiiime….” They also had a karaoke
machine that scores you and they had a contest. The thing obviously doesn’t work because this guy gets
up there and sings an Eric Clapton song exactly like Eric Clapton and gets an 86. Then this older
Filipino lady gets up and sings a song in Tagalog BADLY OFF KEY and gets a 95.

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