Finally got the permanent crown put in.  It is more realistic than
the previous one.  Perhaps in the future they will embed electronics
in the crown.  🙂
Phase 2 of my flu begins
as the vicious virus activates its sinus counterpart as opposed to the
respiratory part.
Here, for your perusal, is a fake radio station call-in log:
DJ:  Buy product X!  And now let’s take a request, 13-year-old Johnny, what would you like to hear?
Johnny:  Could you play Song X?
DJ:  You mean the song we play every half hour?
Johnny:  Yeah, that’s the one.
DJ:  We’re already playing it.
Johnny:  It’s pretty cool, huh.
DJ:  Why don’t you just buy the CD, Johnny?
Johnny:  I don’t have any money left because I spent it all on product X.

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