If I may be so bold as to make a prediction about the next wave in music . . .
low quality electronic sequencing. Yeah, the 80’s/early nineties teens are
getting to be a heavy target demographic now so they wanna hear things
that remind them of videogames and synth pop. And, given
our penchant (woot! big word!) for nostalgia-based marketing, perhaps things
like this(Macromedia flash)
and this(mp3)
may become more common.
song ain’t so bad either…though it has nothing to do with the theoretical trend
I mention. I’m just going link-crazy.)
Of course, it usually takes a few years for the music I think is cool
to become mainstream…and of course, I could be totally wrong. At least if
it happens now, I can say I told you so and reap the royalties! What? You won’t
pay? Well fine! See if I come to your silly little Star Wars birthday party
anymore, Billy! Justin has an awesome Robotech party going on down the street!
See if I care!
Ok, ok. Back to the topic at hand. The Freezepop guy uses a
Casio QY70 to
do his music sequencing. It occurs to me that such things could also be done on a Gameboy
Advance. Speaking of such things, I’m looking for a tracker for the GBA. It
would be nice to just compose stuff as I walk around that I could take home
and upload to Modplug.
I know there are already
for the original Gameboy. Of course, I guess I’d have to buy some kinda hardware doohickey that
I could use to download stuff to the GBA.

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