Vanessa got me a Topo Chico orange soda
the other evening. It’s from Mexico and tastes pretty sweet because
it’s made with real sugar instead of the cheap corn syrup that American
soda is made with.

Look! See how the cruel cousin Josh mocks my hard drive crashing pain!
nathanalter: You’re just mocking me. You with your HARD DRIVE!
nathanalter: well I don’t need a hard drive! I don’t need ANYBODY!
Courier 69: Oh, look what I found…an mp3
Courier 69: Wait, a whole bunch of them!
Courier 69: What’s this over here?
Courier 69: Pictures!
Courier 69: Multimedia!
Courier 69: A veritable smorgasbord of multisensory delights!
nathanalter: May your eyes dry out and Visine be far from hand!
Courier 69: Yeah, they’ll probably dry out from viewing so many of my digital media files
Courier 69: Because there are oh so many, and they are oh so convenient
nathanalter: KHAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!
Courier 69: Hehe
Courier 69: I have taken your son from you

MP3 of the moment: Eberg – Plastic Lions

HARD DRIVE CRASH 2004. Ah, woe is me! A hard drive crash is a very
traumatic thing for a geek. He works so hard to bring lots of multimedia
all to one very special place and it is gone in an instant. I’m leaving
that drive alone until I can try to copy my stuff over to a new drive.
Modern hard drives are notoriously unreliable. That’s why they’ve recently
reduced their warranties
from three years to one year.
Don’t be surprised when your 120 GB hard drive goes belly up a year and
a day after you bought it.

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