Can’t beat this worm in Zelda on GBA that knocks me down to the level
below. Denny pointed out that this
is probably my problem. (computer-nerd joke)
The other night, we
tried putting an Ottoman on its end behind a DDR pad to simulate the
rests that DDR has on the arcade machine. It was interesting. Very
light on the feet compared to putting your full weight on the pad.
We’re starting to get into more of the heavy mode songs in DDRMAX.
During my morning
routine before work, I have noticed that I usually vapor lock somewhere
around applying the hair goo. By that, I mean that I go into this
stupefied, slobbering trance where my mind is on other things. I think
it’s mainly because I’m still sleepy. Speaking of hair goo, I was
wrong about it being the strongest hair styling substance. We
apparently have some “hair putty”. Put this in your hair and you can
tell it to clean the litter box and it will obey. I haven’t tried it
yet. I’m a bit scared. I’ll keep using the goo until it runs out.

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