2/14/2002 lunch

Leftover leftover frozen chicken parmigiana and salad. It was leftover from yesterday because I didn’t eat it. Yesterday it
was leftover because we ate it the previous night. It was cooked before that at the factory and frozen and sent to
Albertson’s. I don’t like to think about where it was before that. Supplemented with multiple Valentine’s sugar-derived
things lying around the workplace. That reminds me, I must make an appointment with the dentist so that mean old lady can
poke my gums with the pick.
Addendum: A co-worker pointed out to me that the sponge I’ve been using to clean my bowl in the break room has been there for
quite some time and is probably rife with some sort of amazing fungus. I would not be surprised if I started emitting spores
to be scattered on the wind. Sounds like the basis of a new comic…Fungus Man!

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