Tomorrow, TVLand is showing some Sid and Marty Kroft stuff. Some of the most odd kid’s shows ever.

My friend, Kelly, from Colorado came over with his family. He used my silly putty to fashion a Klingon head for his son, Ethan.

We had ghetto Valentine’s day. Due to recent doggy doctor costs, Vanessa suggested we limit Valentine’s spending to $5. I figured the most bang per buck would be in Hershey’s chocolate. I gave it to her with the stipulation that she could eat it at any time with no nagging. She also gave me delightful chocolate as well as coupons for things like an extra gaming day. Wow! What more could I ask for? Of course, that evening we got back our state tax refund so our finances were not so dire, but it was all fun anyway. We were watching a bunch of Spongebob Squarepants which made us hungry for Krabby Patties, so we went to Carl’s Jr., which is probably the closest approximation to it.

Did you ever notice that toothpaste usually has saccharin, maltodextrin or some other sweetener? Wonder if I could find a really cheap brand that uses corn syrup.

While we were at CompUSA recently, we saw three clean-cut guys with glasses and slicked hair. They just walked up to the hard drives and just started tossing 40 gig drives into a cart. Most bizarre.

Vanessa and I were watching a new show on the outdoor network called Samurai Sportsman. It features a modern-day “samurai” (Yoshi Amao) who tries to master all of the outdoor sports. He was trying out some tree-climbing and water log running. The lumberjack “master” he was training with was careful to address him as “samurai”. It had some cheesy lines such as, “Do you like danger, samurai?”

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