article talks about a guy in Dallas doing animatronic faces that can
mimic peoples’ expressions. I wonder how long it is till a humanoid
framework is built. I think it should receive commands and send sensor
data through 802.11 protocol. Either that or have a changeable brain
ITX motherboard that could be upgraded as faster computers come out.
Mind you, it’d probably cost a fortune in servos and gyros and vacuum
tubes. (Just kidding about the vacuum tubes…we use extremely hot
Intel chips now.) Anyway, my point is that I think we can have the
technology to build the humanoid robot body now and just keep upgrading
the brain part. If only it could all be done for about $50.
On a lark, Vanessa
went on the web and checked the price on a Mini Cooper, just in case my salary
should suddenly be doubled or bricks of cash should fall out of our
attic. It came out to about $22K. What a little car! I hear there’s
a waiting list for them.

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