Yesterday morning, I had some milk with Ovaltine. Today I was about to
pour the milk from the same carton when I noticed the milk didn’t look
so good so I dumped it down the sink. A large chunk of milk came out.
I didn’t feel very happy about the milk I had yesterday.
We did our taxes
last night at taxact.com. The sequence of questions on the website
still haunts me, “How much state tax refund did you get last year? You
do have it right next to you, don’t you? I hope you don’t have it deep
in your poorly organized file cabinet. What do you mean you did
everything electronically and have since upgraded that computer? Go find
it…Oh, you’re back. Since you were away for 2 hours looking for your
state tax refund, I logged you out. Ok, logged back in…good. You
searched 2 hours just to tell me about sending a $4 check for state
taxes? Excuse me while I crash with laughter.” Then there were all
the questions we didn’t understand, like “Did you receive any monetary
fiduciary fund gain dividend inversions for the PRIOR year and any
years preceding aforementioned year?” (Yes, I made that up.) The
computer we did it on reliably crashes upon the second execution of
Adobe Acrobat so we had the pleasure of redoing part of the process.
Anyway, the total bill for this “free” tax site was $16 for the
submission of federal and state. I think I’d be a very strong man if I
filled out taxes all the time because of all the frustrated muscle
flexing that goes on.

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