Moley Russell's Wart

Supposedly, the Red Digital Cinema Camera company is soon going to release a $17,500 digital video camera that can record video in an astounding resolution of 4520 x 2540. This is amazing when you consider that there are 1080p cameras (only a quarter of that resolution) that cost over $100K. Currently, even the highest resolution Apple or Dell monitor can only display 2560 x 1600, so you couldn’t even see such a Red Camera video in full resolution on those monitors. Try watching some of these 1080p videos from the camera if your computer can even play them at full speed. And this is only a quarter of the camera’s full resolution! Imagine if you had a 4520×2540 monitor that you could actually play the video on. Let’s look at an example. Here’s a 4096 x 2304 picture from the video camera. It offers such amazing resolution that I made this little discovery when zooming in on the actress’ mole!

Here is a show in which the Red Camera marketing guy makes a lot of promises. We’ll see if they deliver.

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