I have the computer at home outputting to wireless speakers for music in another room. I was thinking it’d be nice if there was a way to control
the music from the other room. I decided to try VNC
which allows you to control one computer from another. I set it up
to control the music computer from the PDA via wireless ethernet.
It actually worked, but
it takes all the PDA’s processor and battery power to do it so it’s
somewhat impractical.

Looks like Qwest will no longer
force you to buy a useless phone line with their DSL. Hopefully Comcast
will follow suit and stop penalizing you for not having cable with their cable modem service.
(yeah right) Also, it seems there might be a very cheap way to buy Qwest DSL.
“Qwest will try to sell you MSN, but here’s a secret: ask the customer service rep
for “Qwest.net
internet service. The basic package (just connectivity and DNS, no email)
is $7 a month. Renting a modem is $3 a month.” Hmm, $10 a month would be very cheap.
But maybe I’m misunderstanding the deal. Maybe that’s on top of the DSL line cost.

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