Finally went snowboarding
in Santa Fe with Vanessa.  Yay!  Was kinda blizzardy and
cold at the very top.  Forgot mittens so I got some at the store there. 
Face began to freeze so I got a face mask that covers the nose at the store
there.  This mask caused fogging of my goggles which then froze up,
blinding me so we got some anti-fog stuff at the store there…which didn’t
really work anyway.  After much funding spent at that store we finally
realized that in very cold weather, you must not cover the nose under the
goggles or it will fog up the goggles.  Expensive lesson.  Vanessa
graduated to boarding on blues.  She the snowboard mastah.  Aye,
for real.  Went to Sadie’s afterward…they are creeping into my heart
as my total favorite restaurant of all time.  The enchiladas are worth
the 1.5 hour wait.

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