Looks like The B-52s are
to Albuquerque. Thinkin’ about it…but it’s $35 just for
the bad seats. For the cost of tickets for my wife and I, I could buy
5 of their CDs. Ay, concerts are too expensive.
Thoughts from work:
I should call Tim in Change Control and say, “This is Change Control to
Major Tim.”
The stair workout: climb the stairs 3 at a time, using your arms to
help lift you on the guard rails. Descend the stairs 5 at a time,
totally lifting yourself with your arms on the guard rails.
I verified the
problem with the no-name M-925 motherboard I bought from EZBPC. It’s
slow. I had a similar problem with lagging 3D graphics on my
bro-in-law’s computer which has a similar board. Guess that’ll teach me
to never go for the cheap solution when it comes to computers.
Unfortunately, the more expensive options have never worked for me
either. I don’t have funding to buy an Alienware PC though, so on I
trudge. Thinking of getting a PC from JNCS.
They seem to have a good reputation.

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