I went on a tour today at work with a guy from energy investigation
which investigates cases where people are stealing electricity or gas.
Pretty interesting stuff. We went to one place where there were five
pit bulls…more on the puppy side. The owners locked them in an
internal gate and the guy I was with went around the corner. I was
hanging back to keep an eye on the dogs. They began climbing over the
fence. Two of them walked up to me. Fortunately, the two that climbed
over were semi-friendly. They barked but didn’t bite. I wanted to
warn the guy I was with so I rounded the corner and the dogs ran over
to him. He swung up on the fence until I told him they were friendly.
In every yard we went into, he’d whistle to check for a dog. One place
with a cheating gas meter had a huge dobmerman chained next to it so
nobody could get to it. Needless to say, this guy I was with doesn’t
have a dog. He also said that when some places are disconnected, they
reconnect it themselves, using whatever is at hand and he said someone
once answered with bandages burns sustained while trying to illegally
re-connect the electricity themselves.

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