I saw my first invasive commercial this weekend. It pops up over the
bottom third of the screen during the show. This is to make it so
people who fast-forward over the commercials with their Tivo or other
PVR have to see the commercials anyway. It all started with those
annoying station icons in the lower-right of the TV. Eventually,
they’ll probably just show a commercial all the time and make the show
into a tiny sub-screen up in the corner. Grr. I thought I was paying
$40 a month for basic cable. Anyway, I hope that computer programs
come out to help delete those icons from the corner of the screen and
block any ads that pop up at the bottom of the screen. Otherwise, I’ll
just have to put masking tape across the bottom of the screen.
We had a potluck
yesterday after the worship service. We had it outside at a park. The
winds were quite ferocious. About four plates of food and a drink blew
off of our table. I got away with only a bit of beverage on my leg.
Not as bad as the casserole papier mache that I could have been had a
flying plate of food hit me properly.
Vanessa’s mom gave
us a tour of the contact lens
she works at. We got to see how the lenses are lathed down
from hard plastic circles and then hydrated to make them soft. Interesting.
Alas, we did not put a rubber glove on a box and wave to it as it went
down the assembly line.

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