Slashdot points to this
article about how computer chips are made from silicon. I used to do
some networking with equipment in clean rooms. The article briefly mentions
the bunny suits I grew to despise.

I was reading somewhere that you could get rid of the Quicktime
nag screen by booting up, changing your system date to some date years
in the future like 2010, starting Quicktime to get the nag screen
and clicking “remind me later” and then setting your system time back to normal.
I’ll see if it works.

Ah, it’s been interesting times at work. We had a script to clean up
an old table related to processes. They tested the script and
it seemed to have no problems in the test environment. What
doesn’t run in the test environment is a job scheduler process.
When they ran the cleanup script in production, the job scheduler process
panicked and started rescheduling the old jobs that were being cleaned out.
This messed up the production database which had to be backed up to an earlier
time in the day. All the new information people were entering had to be

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