An interesting
about this guy who makes animatronic heads. Wonder how long before he makes Data.
If they could just build the robot body and let you switch out the motherboard
and processor, you could just constantly upgrade the “brain”.

I was just looking through info about
worm/virus. It’s amazing, all the stuff it does. Steals your BF 1942 CD key.
Tries to stop your anti-virus processes (even the less popular AVG).
It even tries to kill other competing worm processes. Little virus kit punks.
Shouldn’t be long before the viruses access your X10 robot to steal
your wallet and Fedex it to them.

An old memory returns. I remember going to a big tower Mexican restaurant
in Denver as a kid. It had cliff divers, a neat fountain and an arcade.
It is Casa Bonita.

I was looking through the newspaper this morning during my idle
time at Krispy Kreme and noticed how many lawsuits there are against
ordinary businesses. There were about three or four against Smith Food
and Drugs and about two against McDonalds. The woman who won a bunch
of money for spilling McDonalds coffee on herself was in New Mexico.
She musta set off a tidal wave. You could probably start a business
in adhesive flooring and people would still come from miles around
to slip on your floors.

I went over to Krispy Kreme this
morning to pick up some donuts for the coworkers. Some of them worked
this weekend to help clean up that production mess. I get over there
and realize I forgot my wallet. I found that I had some change in the
car so I grabbed some and walk in to see how much the donuts were. They cost
more than I had with me so I went back out to the car, about to just go
home, get my wallet and head to work. Then I found I locked my key in the car.
Yay! I went to a gas station half a block away in the cold to a payphone and called
Vanessa to bring my wallet and spare key. Got her some donuts. She noticed
they had a Krispy Kreme baby shirt.
Eh, maybe a baby shirt for some defunct brand like Atari, but not for
Krispy Kreme…just too commercial. (But I’d wear their paper hats.)

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