Oh, that’s a sad story.
Some pizza delivery guy’s Mini Cooper
“S” got stolen while he was delivering pizzas. Those cars are pretty
cool. I’d probably have to cut a hole in the top to stick my head
through, though.
We’re planning to go
to an Albuquerque Rocket Society launch Saturday morning.
Should be neat to watch. It will be the earliest I’ve gotten up on a
Saturday in quite a while.
Last year, we filed
taxes over the internet using TurboTax. I was annoyed at all of the
last minute hidden charges described in this
article so I’m leaning toward filing manually. I wondered why www.irs.gov didn’t just let you do it on
their website. Found the answer in their FAQ:
Why is the government doing this through a partnership with
private industry rather than providing its own software free to the

The government believes that private industry, given its established
expertise and experience in the field of electronic tax preparation,
has a proven track record in providing the best technology and
services available. In addition, Treasury has indicated that it does
not want the IRS to enter into the tax software business. The
Government believes that a partnership with private industry will:
provide taxpayers with higher quality services by using the existing
expertise of the private sector; maximize consumer choice; promote
competition within the marketplace; and meet objectives in the least
costly manner to taxpayers.
Speaking of taxes, here come the internet taxes.
I was just thinking
about the amusing situation with computers bossing us around now. At
work, you can setup a meeting in Outlook and invite certain people. If
they accept the invitation, Outlook tells them when the time comes that
it’s time to go to the meeting. I like to make my personal reminders
more like a maniacal master control program. “Filthy human! Get to
the second floor conference room now, before I report your
inefficiency!” “Put a Pepsi in the fridge so it will be nice and cold
for your lunchy-wunchy. Your repugnant need for biological intake
makes me freeze up in disgust!” What I really need is one of these
robots, except taller and more like a dalek.
Can’t get this (mp3)
song out of me head. The Walkmen, We’ve Been Had.

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