2/7/2003 lunch

A supper entry! We went to Cafe Istanbul, the new deli on Wyoming. I
got a falafel, which I had never seen. Anyway, it turned out to be
these brown squished things that were green inside. You put them
in little pita things and pour some white stuff on it. Very good stuff.
It came with other stuff that I hadn’t seen but was very good.
Leftover Vietnamese curry noodles with chicken from Huong Thao last night.
Hopefully, I can avoid getting nasty yellow stains on my shirt.
Also, jalapen~o cheese.
Sounds like something Lister on Red Dwarf would eat. (He likes
a nice triple fried egg, chilli-chutney sandwich.)
We ate there with Doug, meeting him
in person for the first time
He looks exactly like his AIM icon.

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