Does anybody want a couple of 400 and 450 MHz AMD processors and motherboards?
The motherboards might not be fully functional. It’s been a while
since I messed with them. Anyway, they’re free if you want them.

I was just chatting to associate Kelly. I think he and I agree
it’s fortunate that, through the magic of highspeed internet,
we can musically live the UK where there is no such thing
as Justin Timberlake. (Well, almost no such thing.)

I was watching an episode of Dr. Who, The Three Doctors. The doctor
travels to the anti-matter universe. What does it look like?
Well a gravel quarry, of course. I think at least 50% of Dr. Who
is filmed in gravel quarries.

What is it with these silly low carb diets like Atkins?
Restaurants are selling things like the
bacon melt wrap
sizzling New York steak with blue cheese.
They act like it’s fine as long as it doesn’t have any bread-related stuff.
Have all the grease you want! Have a bucket of grease for lunch!
There’s no bread in it! Lose weight and your health at the same time!
My advice is to try the DDR diet instead.
It’s called exercise, people!
Unfortunately, it actually requires you to get off the couch.

I got the video for KLF – Doctorin’ the Tardis. Nice.

We finally got around to putting the crib together last night.
Cleaned out a few boxes and papers in the baby room.
Did taxes too. Used taxactonline.com. You enter the info
on their website and pay $16 for federal and state submission. All through
the information entry process, they hound you to buy the Deluxe version
of their software. They sometimes put a button to buy it where you
would expect the OK button to be. Tricksy! Kinda like those software
license agreements that say something like, “By taking a breath within
the next five minutes, I agree to abide by this software license.”
No wonder Vanessa had tax nightmares all night.
Due to recent high veterinarian bills, we shan’t get to eat out much (if at all)
this month or next month. Lemme tell ya, we’re missin’ the gyros. Aye, for real.

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