Anybody out there have some episodes of Night Flight on file?
Here’s a rather sad
article about problems with ID theft. Poor guy. Maybe I should get an
American Express credit
card reader
On the way to work
this morning, we were behind a Suzuki Aerio.
It looked like something from one of those old movies on TV where
everything is stretched really tall and thin.
Vanessa had a coupon
for some pizza place called Poppi’s. We’d never been there, but
somehow I talked two families in our congregation into going with us
after the evening service last night. I felt kinda bad when we got
there at 8 PM and the chairs were all up on the tables. We went in and
they had to take chairs down for us. They were technically open for
another hour. They quickly made us pizza, etc. (very good pizza)
Chad was with us and had the idea of cleaning up after ourselves and
leaving it the way it was with the chairs back up, etc. The pizza
dudes (sic) had big smiles on their faces when they looked around the
corner in the dining room and saw everything was already put away and
cleaned up.
Yesterday, someone
from church was having an open house. They had 3 parrots. Parrots are
often not friendly and take a lot of care, so don’t try this at home.
One of them had an ear-piercing screech that it enjoyed doing quite
often. The only thing I could get the parrots to say was “buh-bye” when
I left the room.
We went snowboarding
Saturday in Santa Fe. Quite nice, it was. Somehow, everyone knew I’d
gone snowboarding. Perhaps it was the awkward goggle-shaped sunburn on
the lower half of my face. We went with my sister and bro-in-law. My
sister was telling me about an incident where she was getting on the
chair lift. (She’s rather new at this.) She moves into place to get
on the chair and gets on. It’s not her turn yet and there were already
people in place ahead of her. So, she sits down and as the chair moves
forward and has no choice but to grab some lady and sit her in her lap,
afraid that she might drop the lady if she lets go. The lady was
probably pretty shocked. They stopped the lift and got it all
straightened out and my sister apologized. I was dying with laughter
when she told me about it. My bro-in-law brought his walkie-talkies so
we could contact each other. I kept talking to some southerners in
Spanish and getting them to play the walkie-talkie beeping cucaracha.
Then I’d sing it a bit. They couldn’t understand a word I said and
were rather amused. They wanted to know why I could understand English
ok but couldn’t speak it. I said, “porque soy estupido.”
Vanessa had a
nightmare about vampires. The scary part is they were trying to sell
her on vampirism in Amway fashion. She was going to have to setup an
appointment with the head vampire.

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