Me bruvah Ethan sounds like he wants to try to create a song and video again.
(Our previous effort fizzled out as such efforts usually do.) Creativity
is 10% creative thought and 90% stick-to-it.

It sounds like my friend Evin
is contemplating that Qwest DSL deal and
joining us in the broadband world. Ya know, I think of broadband as
some tribes thought of the buffalo. A vital resource used for everything.
No part of it must be wasted.
It brings my news, sermon aids, music, videos, communication, videogames.
No wonder I’m willing to pay Comcast’s exorbitant rates for it. Not that
I have any particular loyalty to them. Vince and I tried to get BF 1942 working
over the net on 2 computers Friday. Something about my connection (perhaps the router)
recognized the fun packets and we had an evening of connection problems. The makers
of the game make you buy one copy per person who wants to play on the net.
The audacity! I think it should be one copy per household. Of course, I got
things working just fine the next day but it was too late.

This morning in the elevator, someone said, “Well, at least, tomorrow’s Tuesday.”
Somehow I don’t think that will make the day pass much easier.

It seems my old hard drive actually did die, but it’s still giving a gallant try.
It loads things very slowly. Never trust a hard drive. As soon as you
turn your back, they steal your gorgonzola!

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