Wow! The future is here!
Motorola is showing prototypes of wearable electronics. All I need is a
silver jumpsuit!
The compy I ordered
from JNCS came in yesterday. I
haven’t gotten a chance to set it up yet. I was at least pleased to
find scary monsters all over the video
packaging. You see, the scariness of the video card packaging
is a direct indicator of its ability to display polygons. A box with
Oscar the Grouch on the front is about the equivalent of an old
Commodore 64. A box that you couldn’t show to your children because it
would give them nightmares has realistic holographic projection. My
main goal for the next few days is not to look at the JNCS website
where they will probably drop the price of the stuff I just bought to
1/4th its former price BECAUSE I JUST BOUGHT IT.
in the Bathroom…song out of head.

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