Ah, Khaaan.com. Simple, yet effective.

He he. This is amusing. I finally found
my old UNM webpage
at www.archive.org way back in 1996. Oddly, it doesn’t show up in a search of their site.

I hear that today is International Eat an Animal for PETA day.
Yeah, it’s just a silly made-up internet thing to get even
with PETA for their
offensive ad campaigns.
Let’s see…I think I’m having frozen thing for lunch which may or may not have
a meat facsimile.

I tried iTunes for the first time.
Vince observed a winning
code on the Pepsi bottle cap. I got the Pepsi, took it home
and was just going to go to their website and download the song.
Not so fast. You must first download the 20 MB iTunes program.
So I download the program and get ready to enter my winning code.
Not so fast. You must first create an iTunes account. I created
the account and began looking for songs from my songs wishlist.
Not so fast…they don’t have any of the more obscure stuff.
I settled for B-52s Planet Claire. I wanted it in unrestricted mp3.
Not so fast. You have to download a restricted AAC file that can only
be played by the iTunes program and then burn it to a CD and then
rip the mp3 from the CD. So after I did all this, I had
my free legal mp3…I assume in a lower quality because of the double
compression of AAC and mp3. Hmm, I think I like Bleep
better so far. If you want some free mp3s,
Comfort Stand has
some interesting ones.

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