A few PNM employees were playing Irish music in the PNM building. I
thought it was going to be that country-style stuff that isn’t much to
my liking…but it was a harp and two dulcimers. A dulcimer is a
trapezoid-shaped stringed instrument that’s played like a xylophone.
Sounded pretty classy.
Hmmm…a jazz
(windows media player) of Smells Like Teen Spirit.
Skibbledy bop denial!
This weekend, I did
a lot of “testing” of the new computer setup with the Star Trek Voyager
game. Very well done game…just like an episode of the show…and it
was only $5 in the bargain bin! The new computer performed amazingly!
I haven’t seen it freeze or crash even once! Running 1024 X 768 in
most 3D games. I don’t think I’ll ever buy another computer again.
Wouldn’t want to chance it! Well, maybe just one. Of course, I
haven’t really done many applications testing like Open Office and
Paint Shop Pro. We’ll see. If this computer turns out to be stable,
it’ll be the first ever for me. That’s saying a lot since I started
putting computers together about ten years ago. Perhaps the key was
that I didn’t put this one together myself, except for the hard drive.

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