I should get a blue or white white Chevy Caprice with blue and red sports
striping on the sides. Bet that’d get me some respect. 🙂 (Most cop cars
around here are Chevy Caprices.
On the advice of the dentist,
we got a couple of sonic toothbrushes. They rattle your head if you accidentally
touch the plastic part to your teeth. They even make a beeping sound to
tell you when to switch to the next quadrant of teeth. Well, if it makes
things better next time I visit the pick lady at the dentist, it’s ok by
A humorous DDR incident happened
this weekend. We took it to my grandparents’ house to show my relatives
our smooth moves and I was beating Vanessa on a 4-star song for like the
first time ever. I got a triple-A and was amazed. Of course, we realized
later that the playstation was upside-down to prevent skipping and it was
actually she who won.
Got the router. A Netgear
RP114. So easy to setup, you basically just plug it in. Couldn’t get a
game of AOK working with my cousin. Oh well, I’ll get it working eventually.

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